David Baldacci


With his debut novel Absolute Power in 1996, David Baldacci became and absolute hit. The book was made into the movie, starring Clint Eastwood. He has since written 24 more novels and his writing just seems to keep getting better and they have all been international bestsellers. A former Washington, D.C. lawyer, it’s now wonder the political intrigue of our nation’s capitol is a major cornerstone of his novels. His characters live their lives behind the headlines we see in our newspapers every day.

Author, David Baldacci, casually leaning against the large wood library door.Mr. Baldacci and his wife, Michelle, started and support the Wish You Well Foundation®. Dedicated to supporting family and adult literacy in the United States. His Wish You Well Foundation has also partnered with Feeding America. Together they created Feeding Body and Mind. The group distributed nearly a million used books through food banks.

Both the author and his books have depth and are well worth getting acquainted with. His books have been sold in more than 80 countries and over 110 million copies are in print worldwide.

With those numbers, it’s not surprising that his books frequently turn up in donations to the Book Cellar.