Dean Koontz


Anyone who has ever read Dean Koontz know this about him.  Dogs never die in his books.  Dogs are always smart.  Dogs are often telepathic and dogs are heroes.  That alone should be enough to make you love Dean Koontz.  Trixie as the mainstay of the Koontz family for many years and her spirit lives on.


Dean’s wife, Gerda, promised to support him for five years while he got his start writing.  It didn’t take five years, before she could quit her job and make it her business to manage his.

Dean Koontz is a master of suspense and the paranormal.  He has a written a collection of fiction books, a series on Frankenstein, comics and manga, books about Trixie, book by Trixie, and a series of Odd Thomas books.

Odd Thomas is an ordinary short-order cook at an ordinary café.  But he has a gift.  The dead speak to him.  They call on him to help solve crimes.  They call on him to avert disasters.  Odd Thomas battles evil in his own, unassuming way.

Dark Rivers of the Heart is a shift from Dean Koontz’s paranormal writing.  It’s about a former computer specialist of the LAPD who has withdrawn to an isolated cabin in the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu.  He has a deep dark secret from his past that he only reveals to total strangers in bars.  At least as much of it as he knows.  He doesn’t remember his own ending, until he meets a woman on the run from the most powerful man in America.  A  man with no morals, a man with no compunctions to do what ever he needs to do to stay in power and cover up what has really gone wrong with the government.  In trying to protect this woman, she saves him from the horrors of his past and together they battle the man who murdered her husband, her own father-in-law.  This is a book filled with action, romance, high tech and humor.

And, yes… there is a very smart dog in this novel.

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