Kids’ Corner

Notice History on Your Way to the Book Cellar

Long before freeways, wagon trains and riders on horseback traveled from Los Angeles through the Agoura area.  The map below shows some of the new roads, like Kanan Road and Reyes Adobes Drive, but it also shows the old trail that went through Agoura, El Camino Real.  El Camino Real went all the way from San Diego, through Los Angeles and up to San Francisco, connecting the missions in California.

If it looks familiar, it is because now the 101 freeway travels the same path.  When you drive with your parents on the 101 Freeway you will see replicas of mission bells on poles.  These were put along the original El Camino Real route by the General Federation of Women’s Club in Los Angeles.  They put together the Camino Real Association which oversaw the bells.  The final bell was put up in 1913.  Over the years the freeway was widened and bells were lost, but they have now been replaced.  When you travel to The Book Cellar or other destinations in the area, you are traveling over an old trail used by early settlers and their wagons.

The treasure map below will lead your to a treasure trove of BOOKS!


Treasure Map To Books